I have had a life long love of table top gaming. Looking back, I believe games like Dungeons and Dragons saved my life. In the midst of childhood troubles, it offered a fantastical escape where I could focus my creativity and story telling.
Sometime around 2012 I started a blog called 'The Dungeon Geek' where I would. bringing my adult perspective and college design software skills as a TTRPG content creator before the meteoric resurgence of the games popularity circa 2016.

Today 'The Dungeon Geek' is still an ongoing passion project of mine. I host a TTRPG website, publish free and paid content on a variety of social media networks including TikTok and Patreon and host games as a Dungeon Master professionally a few times a month.
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Above: A custom cavern battle map for use in the 2017 Wizards of Coast adventure Tomb of Annihilation, set in the Jungles of Chult. Photoshop CC.
Above: A custom forest battle map and player scene illustration for use in the 2010 Paizo adventure Fall of Plaguestone. Photoshop CC, MidJourney, Inkarnate Pro, Pro Create (Ipad).  
Above Left: Jungle Manticore. A custom character companion illustration. Above Right: Saltwater Scrag. A custom monster illustration for The Dungeon Geek Creature Feature series. Photoshop CC, Wacom Intuos, Midjourney, Pro Create (Ipad)
Above: The Dungeon Geek Brand System. Adobe Illustrator CC.
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